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7th July 2011

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Suggestions for village improvements from members of the community were received prior to the Annual Parish Meeting on 9th May 2011, and these were discussed in detail at the meeting.  The views of the meeting attendees are summarised at follows:

The Phone kiosks in both villages are due to be decommissioned and removed by BT, and are available for purchase by the Parish Council for £1 each.  From discussion it appeared that there were volunteers from both villages who would be prepared to inspect and maintain the kiosks so it was agreed in outline to progress the purchase, subject to the acquisition of appropriate insurance.

Grit enclosures could be implemented in both villages.

Planters could, in turn, be established next to the enclosures to improve their appearance in the warmer months and also to fulfill requests by villagers for placement of flower tubs or beds.

Village signs at the entrances of Scrayingham and Leppington could be mounted on traditional stone, replacing the existing unsightly metal poles.

Saplings with suitable tree guards could be planted in Scrayingham to replace mature trees that have been lost over the years.

The purchase of new benches for each village was also discussed.

Provision of a shelter at the South end of Leppington village as an amenity for bus users, walkers and cyclists was discussed.  It was accepted that this could be expensive, with maintenance and insurance implications, but it was agreed that SPC would seek estimates for a number of designs on the basis that additional funding through village events might be raised in the medium to longer term.

The purchase of Emergency Life-Saving Equipment was discussed, but, in the experience of one of the attendees, required specialist training and the associated consumables needed regular replacement.  It was therefore felt at this stage that it was not a practicable option.

SPC agreed to provide further detail and pricing for each option, which will be published on this site shortly.

11th May - Village Improvements

7th July - Road Repairs

Temporary pothole repairs are currently talking place on Acres Lane.  Once they are complete there should be less of a requirement to adopt a slalom-style approach to driving in and out of Leppington on this route.  The road may be permanently re-surfaced next year, having been placed on the 2012 Ralumac Surfacing list by the local Highways Department, subject to budgets.